Role: Frontend Developer

Type: Full time

JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, Next JS, Node JS, Tailwind, Sass, Cypress, Detox

MP is a sports and bar finding London based start-up currently operating in the UK, France Ireland and Australia. I work in a team of 4 other developers, Product Manager and a QA. I am responsible for a delivery, bug fixing and testing of all new and existing features across 4 platforms - B2C website/web app, B2B web app, CRM and B2C Native app as well as shared component library. I’m proudest of migrating an old PHP site to a NextJS/React/Tailwind web app. I’ve also introduced Detox ( React native ) and Cypress testing tools, brought back a shared component library and built a large part of the current React Native app.

Teach A Man To Fish

Role: Full-stack developer

Type: Full time - short project

React, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Travis, Cypress, Jest, SuperTest, Figma, Aittable API

As a part of a Tech For Better project along the team of 3 other developers we designed, developed and deployed an MVP of a gamified web app aimed at building business skills in children and young adults in developing countries. Our project was then used to secure the funding for further development. As a dedicated test specialist I brought the use of Cypress, Jest and Supertest as well as Travis for our deployment.

iVe Stock v1

Role: Full-stack

Type: Hobby/Practice

JavaScript, ExpressJS, NodeJS, ejs, MongoDB

Passion project developed quite early in my coding journey which besides its hideous UX/UI remains one of my proudest ones. iVe Stock’s is an app built with the aim to help small food businesses control their daily stock levels, sales and wastage. It uses passport user validation, MongoDB with mongoose and Express with 'ejs'. Product was poor and hard to use. I’ve designed, built and deployed this app alone with only a few months of coding experience. I am currently working with a UX/UI designer on v2 built in Next JS / MongoDB. Watch this space…

Colour Picker App

Role: Full stack

Type: Hobby/Practice

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

Another early project, a web app to create custom colour pallets which can be stored, colors rearranged ( using draggable components ), saved and copied into a clipboard using various colour formats. It uses MaterialUI and other component libraries.